Members feel more engaged to their support team.


Members who have used the mobile application in the last 30 days.


Members feel they have greater access to care when then need it.

Peer Wellness or Patient Case Management

Create a support team for clients as needed. On Demand connection to support staff.

Platform features include

In-App Privacy Calling

HIPAA Compliant Audio Calls

In-App Texting Capabilities

In-app secure text messaging within a HIPAA compliant environment.

Opt in Geotracking if Desired

This accountability feature offers GPS monitoring in accordance with daily engagement and care planning.

Predictive AI Analytics

Data analytics and measurable outcomes

In-App Facetime Capabilities

HIPAA compliant video calling to enhance person-centered care.

Drug Testing with DNA Confirmation

Lab Tests for over 100 different substances. Results are DNA matched to the patient.

How It Works

Tangible Benefits to Clients

Connect your client base & support staff in real-time.
Access to critical information results in better care.
Time stamped engagement helps you connect billable revenue